8 HR influencers you need to follow in summary:

  • In this blog, we take a look at 8 HR influencers who, thanks to their experiences and unique insights, every HR professional should follow.
  • Influencers include Ben Eubanks, Perry Tims, Rob Briner and Gem Dale.
  • In addition, Jodi-Ann Burey, David Green, Jennifer Liston-Smith and Jonathan Ferrar are also highly worth following.

The world of HR rarely stands still.

With the world of work having faced unparalleled challenges over the past five years, HR has undergone an incredible transformation. From being seen (unfairly) as merely a ‘cost centre’, to now being a valued voice in the C-suite: people professionals occupy a rarefied position of sitting at the centre of everything good within an organisation.

However, this rapid transformation presents something of a problem. In such a rapidly evolving landscape, staying ahead of the latest HR trends and innovations can be tough. After all, your typical HR department is usually thrumming with activity! Who’s got time to keep up with all the latest developments in the world of work??

The top 8 HR influencers you need to follow Cezanne HR Blog

Luckily, this is where HR influencers come in. People professionals are blessed with a vibrant community of HR influencers who are driving conversations, shaping strategies, and redefining best practices – all for HR’s benefit.

Whether you’re an HR professional seeking inspiration, a business leader navigating workforce challenges, or simply an enthusiast curious about the future of work, connecting with influential voices from the world of HR can provide priceless insights and new perspectives.

So, if you want to stay up-to-speed with the ever-changing world of HR, why not check out these eight standout personalities who are making waves in the sea of HR, and helping shape the future of work…

1. Perry Timms (@PerryTimms)

Perry is a renowned HR thought leader, speaker, and author known for his progressive views on workplace culture, leadership, and the future of HR. In fact, he’s been recognised as one of HR’s most influential voices by some heavyweight publications, including HR Magazine and HR Weekly.

With a focus on human-centric approaches to organisational development, Perry challenges conventional HR wisdom, He also advocates for practices that prioritise employee wellbeing and engagement. So, if they’re subjects which are a priority for your business, give Perry a follow over on his LinkedIn page.

2. Ben Eubanks

A respected name in the world of people operations, Ben is an experienced HR analyst, podcaster and author. Along with being Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research and Advisory, he’s also a regular speaker at HR events across the globe. In fact, I attended one of his brilliantly insightful talks at the 2023 HR Technologies Show, where he discussed the challenges of hiring from a shrinking workforce.

Ben leads a hugely popular blog and podcast, sharing his unique insights and best practices in HR. With a diverse background spanning recruitment, benefits administration, training, employee relations and executive coaching, Ben brings a wealth of expertise to the table, especially for non-profit and small businesses. Definitely worth a follow!

3. Rob Briner (@Rob_Briner)

If you’re big into data and evidence-based practices, you need to follow Rob Briner!

Rob is professor of organisational psychology at Queen Mary University of London and also scientific director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Management. He specialises in evidence-based HR practices and organisational psychology; regularly posting thought-provoking articles, and conducting academic lectures and workshops.

Rob bridges the gap between academic research and practical HR solutions, empowering professionals to make data-driven decisions that drive performance and employee wellbeing. If you have an hour to spare, check out one of his videos below.

4. Gem Dale (@HR_Gem)

A self-confessed ‘gymaholic’ and usually ‘over-caffeinated’, Gem Dale, also known as HR Gem, brings a refreshing blend of humour, authenticity and expertise to the HR community.

As an HR consultant and blogger, Gem is an advocate of new ways of working – in particular, working flexibly and not conforming to the usual 9-5 routines. She often shares candid insights, personal anecdotes, and practical advice on a wide range of HR topics: ranging from employee engagement to mental health in the workplace.

Her insights are brilliant at resonating with a diverse audience of HR professionals and enthusiasts – perfect for the HR generalists among you. Check out her blog here.

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5. David Green (@david_green_uk)

David Green is a world-renowned consultant and guru in the realm of people analytics, data-driven HR, and the Future of Work. As the Executive Director of Insight222, he’s on a mission to empower HR leaders to drive sustainable business value through people analytics and foster a data-driven culture in HR.

You’ll also often find David gracing the stages of HR conferences across the globe, captivating audiences with his thought-provoking insights and expertise. And, when he’s not on stage, you can catch him sharing the latest developments and leading the conversation on people analytics through his regular LinkedIn posts. Go check him out!

6. Jodi-Ann Burey (@jodiann_b)

Meet Jodi-Ann Burey – a charismatic speaker and talented writer who’s all about shaking up the workplace status quo. With over 38,000 followers over on LinkedIn, she’s making waves discussing of-the-moment topics such as authenticity, intersectionality and company culture.

She’s also a regular speaker and has featured on the TEDx platform. In fact, her talk “The Myth of Bringing Your Full, Authentic Self to Work,” proved to be one of the platforms’ most popular seminars and took the internet by storm! Racking up an impressive 1.4 million views and sparking conversations about redefining workplace culture.

You’ll find Jodi-Ann’s insightful work featured on top-notch platforms like The Muse and HBR, as well as her own website. And, when she’s not diving into the nitty-gritty of work, she’s fearlessly tackling tough topics like cancer on her podcast, “Black Cancer.” A worthy HR influencer to follow indeed.

7. Jennifer Liston-Smith

Jennifer Liston-Smith is a leading authority on workplace flexibility, wellbeing, and personal resilience. She’s relentless in her pursuit to create new solutions that are impactful, commercially successful and become business as usual.

With extensive experience advising organisations on flexible working strategies and employee wellbeing programs, she’s definitely an HR influencer to keep an eye on. As the Head of Thought Leadership at a reputable consultancy, Jennifer also shares evidence-based insights and practical tips for building resilient, high-performing teams – vital in today’s turbulent business world.

8. Jonathan Ferrar (@jaferrar)

Our final HR influencer is Jonathan Ferrar: co-author “Excellence in People Analytics” and “The Power of People”, and the Vice-Chair of the CIPD… he certainly knows his stuff! Aside from being a respected author, Jonathan is also an HR analytics expert with a passion for leveraging data to drive business performance and enhance the employee experience. If you’re a fan of big data, this is the guy to follow!

With a wealth of experience in leading HR functions at global organisations, Jonathan often shares valuable insights, best practices, and innovative approaches to workforce analytics through his writing, speaking engagements and active social media presence.

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