Making the most of your visit to the 2024 HR Technologies Show in summary:

  • In this blog, we provide valuable tips for attendees of the 2024 HR Technologies Show, which this year takes place at the ExCeL Arena in London.
  • We highlight key areas of focus for visitors; including exploring new software solutions, networking with industry peers, and attending keynote talks, informative seminars and HR software demonstrations.
  • We also look at how thorough preparation can help you get the most out of the event: whether you’re a newbie to this type of event, or a seasoned professional.

For people professionals, 2024’s HR Technologies Show is an event not to be missed! 

This year, the sprawling 2-day event returns to London’s ExCeL Arena – and 2024’s show is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet! This year, visitors have a staggering 70 free seminars to choose from, with talks covering the entire spectrum of HR and HR technology. 

Making the most of your visit to the 2024 HR Technologies Show Cezanne Blog

There are also over 20 keynote talks taking place over the two days, consisting of panel discussions, presentations, roundtables, networking events and case studies. If you’re wanting to take part in lively discussions, discover tangible advice or simply listen to the latest thought-provoking content from the world of human resources, the HR Technologies show is THE place to be. 

However, perhaps the biggest draw will be the line-up of HRIS software platforms from some of the industry’s biggest players – including us!  

So, if you’re heading to the show to scope out a new HRIS software solution, or just kicking the metaphorical tyres, how can you ensure you get the best out of the show? And, most importantly, get all the information you need to make an informed decision? 

Here are a few tips that’ll help you get the most of your visit to the 2024 HR Technologies Show 

Know what you’re looking for 

The HRIS software industry has undergone seismic changes over the past few years. This has been mainly thanks to the rise of cost-effective, Cloud-based and mobile technologies – which have undoubtedly elevated HRIS platforms to new heights. But, the speed of the digital transformation can make things confusing to new (and even seasoned) HRIS buyers. 

For example, should you prioritise tailored interfaces? Or perhaps you’re looking for clearer document management? What about open APIs that make sense for the business and external integrations? There’s a lot of fine detail to understand! 

If you’re visiting the show to evaluate an HRIS but you’re not sure which might be best for your organisation, check out this webinar on how to select the right HR software solution for your business. 

Have a check list 

Naturally, it’s important that the system has the features you are looking for, and is appropriate to your size of company and the budget you have available. 

Taking a few minutes before the event to equip yourself with a list of your key requirements, so you can check them off as you talk to the different suppliers make it much simpler for you to make comparisons after the event, so you know who you want to talk to again. 

The show is the perfect opportunity to quiz vendors about key aspects of their solution and service that you won’t always find on their websites. Some good general questions to ask include: 

  • What are the license or subscription costs? And how are they calculated? 
  • Would I need to have additional budget for training, or is this provided as part of the service? 
  • What would you estimate the implementation timeline to be? 
  • How are new system upgrades managed, and are they free? 

You may also want to cover questions around data security, such as where your HR data is hosted, how access to data is controlled, whether you can make use of single sign on, dual authentication or other approaches your IT team may insist on. 

Click here to get the HR software selection checklist

Avoid the crowds! 

By the way… have you registered for the HR Technologies event yet? If you’ve already done so, your pass will be emailed to you a couple of days beforehand. Alternatively, you can use your registration details to collect a pass when you arrive at the event itself. 

In our experience, the show can get busy very quickly. Getting there when the doors open (9:00am, both days) is a great way to get some alone time with the vendors – rather than going from crowded stand to crowded stand and not reaping the full benefit of the day. 

Plan your time 

Navigating your way through the HR Technologies Show at the ExCeL Arena can be pretty exhausting at times – especially when you have both the Service Desk & IT Support Show and Learning Technologies UK Show happening at the same time! It’s certainly going to be a crowded venue, so it’s worth planning your time beforehand. 

Prepare your day in advance by deciding which HRIS software vendors you plan to visit, and which free learning sessions you’d like to attend. As mentioned earlier, there are over 70 free seminars to choose from, not to mention 20+ keynote speakers over the two days—ranging in topic from HR technology platforms, to performance management, recruitment, wellbeing and DE&I. 

If you have time, why not come for a chat with the team from Cezanne on stand FF20? Along with demos of our HRIS, we also have a free pick and mix stand, filled with all your favourite sweets – perfect for fuelling up for the day ahead! 

Floorplan of the 2024 HR Technologies Show 2024 Cezanne HR Blog

Speaking of seminars, our very own Head of Customer Success Peter Hall will be leading a talk on Strategies for a Powerful HRIS Implementation Project – perfect if you’re interested in taking the leap into HR software for the first time.

He’ll be looking into the key practices that can help prepare yourself and your team for the implementation of a new HRIS. Plus, he’ll also be shining a light on the central pillars for a successful implementation, and how we use customer personas to help guide our own implementation services.

The session takes place on the 17th April in HR Tech Seminar Theatre 2 from 11:15am… and the best part? It’s free to attend!

Come prepared!

Lastly, as conversations with different suppliers can quickly merge into one, it make sense to have pen, notebook, and somewhere to keep all your newly collected product brochures, so you can keep track of first impressions and the information you gathered.

Also, seating areas can be in short supply during the day, so shoes that you can walk in all day are key – and don’t forget your FitBit (or exercise tracker of choice)! There always seems to be more walking and standing involved than one would think.

The coffee and lunch options within the building can often become over-crowded in the middle of the day. Plus, they can also be a little on the expensive side. If it becomes too much, there’s plenty of restaurants outside the venue and space to have a wander, or simply admire the planes landing and taking off from the spectacular London City Airport which is close by.

Can’t spend the day out of the office?

If you’re not able make it to the HR Technologies Show, then an online demo is always a good alternative. Most HRIS software vendors – including us – are happy to take you through a personalised tour of their system over the internet, so you don’t even have to leave your office.

learn more about Cezanne's high-performing HR software here

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