As we step into this year’s pride month, the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace remains as pertinent as ever.

For HR professionals, that means keeping up to speed on the current D&I landscape is crucial. And, when it comes to fostering a more equitable workplace for all, it pays to listen to the ted talks So, to lend a hand, we’ve gathered a few of our top TED talks about fostering inclusivity at work; from getting acquainted with the stories of marginalised employees, to implementing practical steps towards a culture that celebrates diversity.

1. Creating inclusive workplaces for all | Catarina Rivera

How can we make the workplace work for us all?

According to diversity and inclusion consultant Catarina Rivera, the answer lies in creating a more accessible, more accepting working culture for employees of all abilities.

In this powerful talk, Catarina walks us through the average job interview process for a disabled employee, and breaks down exactly how employers can veer away from making assumptions to instead foster a culture that involves and uplifts everybody – regardless of their access needs.

2. How to become an inclusive leader | Meagan Pollock, PhD

When Meagan Pollock first experienced a sense of belonging at work, it was over ten years into her engineering career. So, how can communication and collaboration from business leaders help employees engage authentically from the very beginning?

Here, Meagan breaks down the key steps of the inclusive leadership model, and encourages leaders to shift their perspective so that all employees – regardless of their background – can feel included at work.

3. Rising above generational stereotypes in the workplace | Michael Strawser

When it comes to interviewing new hires, or even engaging with existing staff, how does their age influence your expectations – for better or for worse?

Be it outdated assumptions about older workers or disregard for new graduates, generational stereotypes can sour much of an employee’s experience, performance, and even relationships in the workplace.

Michael Strawser, in his talk, explores how employers can make the shift to becoming a generation-agnostic work environment. From emphasising fair expectations to the importance of clarity in communication, he offers new insight into what it means to be a workforce that transcends generational divides.

4. The missing link to sustainable diversity and inclusion | Maria Morukian

Why do so many D&I initiatives fall short – and what can business leaders do to ensure that theirs is a success?

As Maria Morukian tells us, there are three key practices that make up the ‘missing link’ to sustainable connection; all with listening at their heart. Maria offers up the concept of expansion – bridging the gap between individual differences – and explores how employers can override ‘us versus them’ thinking for a more inclusive workplace culture.

5. Practical diversity: taking inclusion from theory to practice | Dawn Bennett-Alexander

Could unconscious bias be preventing true inclusivity in your organisation?

Dr Dawn Bennett-Alexander puts forward the concept of ‘practical diversity’ to inform workplace decisions: the act of being more conscious about internal messaging, moving away from judgement, and, most simply, treating others how you’d like to be treated.

In this talk, she explores the three main principles to the practice, and delves into exactly how they’ve been implemented in the businesses she’s worked with.

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