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Core HR

  • The heart of your HR system with comprehensive employee profiles, training records and dedicated screens for essential HR record keeping, including health & safety, grievance & disciplinary and compensation & benefits plus smart time-saving workflows, notifications, document tracking & e-signatures, form builder, HR portals, dashboards, org charts, reporting and much more.

Select your modules

  • All of the features in the core People module plus easy-to-set up employee welcome portals and configurable task lists that will save hours of time by streamlining key employee lifecycle events, from hire to retire.

  • All of the features in the core People module, plus the flexibility to manage any type of absence on a local and international basis, including paid time off, sick leave, parental leave, jury service and sabbaticals.

  • All of the features in the core People module, plus the option to easily set up and manage multiple timesheets to track specific activities, or simple time in/time out.

  • All of the features in the core People module, plus the option to set up as many different performance plans and employee appraisals as you need.

  • Designed to help you to take an organised approach to succession planning, talent pool management and career development.

  • An integrated online recruitment solution designed to streamline your whole recruitment cycle; from posting the latest vacancies online to filtering applications and candidate communications.


How many employees do you have?

You'll only pay for the number of employees (excluding leavers) held in the system each month, subject to a minimum fee. Discounts available for registered charities.


Your monthly fee


That's just per employee per month.

* Minimum fee applies.

* Volume discount applied

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Why choose Cezanne HR?

A complete service focused on your success

From free help with data upload and automatic updates, to tailored training and consultancy, we take care of everything that’s needed to keep your HR system up-to-date and working smoothly. Your system security and availability is monitored 24/7, and our friendly UK-based support team are on hand to provide expert advice and assistance if you need it. Hear what our customers say.

Learn how we support you
Cezanne HR software - Support team

Your subscription includes all of this:


  • Your selected Cezanne HR modules: automatically updated each time we release new features
  • Full self-service: secure online access 24/7 for everyone – employees, managers and HR
  • Help to get you started: free getting started consultancy and core HR data upload
  • Expert support: online support centre, advice from our product specialists, ‘how to’ guides and webinars
  • Fast, responsive browser interface: designed to be used from your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Free-to-download native mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Unlimited HR data and document storage (subject to reasonable use)
  • Robust, secure service: including 24/7 monitoring, fail over support and third party penetration testing
  • Single sign on and dual authentication: in addition to Cezanne HR’s own secure password capabilities
  • Open API, payroll output and integrations with third party applications (e.g. payroll. LMS etc.)
  • Powerful global features: multi-currency, multi-country and multi-language
  • Multiple language translations: see included languages

Take a guided tour

There is a lot to see in Cezanne HR, which is why we recommend you start with a live online demo from one of our expert consultants. That way you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want, and on the parts of the Cezanne HR system that matter to you. All that is needed is an hour or so of your time, and a PC, laptop or tablet that is connected to the internet.

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