search documentWe’ve been working hard on a new document generation feature that takes on many of our customers’ great ideas. The new functionality is now going through our quality assurance testing, and is on track to be rolled out to all of our customers in a few weeks.

Since I’m especially excited about what we’ve put together, I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

Create and save unlimited document templates

Every business needs an arsenal of standard letters/forms/documents that are ready to be sent to new hires and employees. With Cezanne HR, it’s now really straight forward to create and store a library of document templates within the system — you not only save time, but can ensure a consistent approach.

When the time comes to use one of the templates, you simply need to select the relevant employee record(s), and the system will merge in the information and generate a fully formatted, personalised document for you.

Edit content online

The new feature comes complete with an online editor that works a lot like Microsoft Word. You can cut and paste in an existing document, or create them from scratch; add in images and the fields you want to use; select fonts and format headings and layout. This means you can still create professional, formatted document templates without the need for any software installed locally on your machine.

employment contract letter

Pick from a wide range of fields

Within the templates you can specify over 130 fields that will be replaced when assigning the document to an individual—such as first name, last name, hire date, etc. That means it’s easy to create personalised documents that cover everything from new contracts to salary raises and job moves.
You can also preview the document before sending it, decide whether to save it as Microsoft Word or PDF and opt to send an e-mail to the employee with a link to the document as part of the process.


“But wait,” I hear you say, “I want to do this for more than one person at a time.” We already have that covered with a new Document Generation wizard. Just specify the group of individuals you want to include, and the system will automatically generate and save personalised documents each employee. You can selectively preview what will be generated for each individual.

Keep a complete history

Every document that you generate is automatically saved against the employee record in Cezanne HR. Documents can also be uploaded to employee records, and emails tracked, so it’s easy to keep a complete trail of all correspondence, and refer back to documents should you need to.


If you are already a Cezanne HR customer, we’ll be sending you more information and how to guides soon. If you are not, why not book an online demo and take a look at how Cezanne HR could help you?