What is your ideal office? An environment where you’re free to create and work with minimal supervision or a micromanaged space with constant instructions? How about casual attire and subsidised gym memberships?

The ideal office is different for everyone, but we’ve asked Britain and the people have spoken!

According to our research, the perfect office is a small company built up of teams of 2-4 employees with a fun and creative culture. This environment would be a micro-manage free zone with a perk of a subsidised gym membership. Headphones would be listened to in a room full of millennials, drinking coffee with a casual dress code. The day would be 8 am to 4 pm with people being both managed and also working autonomously. Every now and then team bonding exercises would take place, and of course, there is an office dog, oh and let’s not forget beer on Friday! And the boss behind it all… Richard Branson.

Check out the full results in the infographic below.


What is Britain's ideal office?


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