Our aim is to have happy customers. That means delivering HR software that the whole workforce appreciates and has the depth of functionality HR professionals need to support their people and their business today and tomorrow.

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Below are just 10 of the many Cezanne HR features our customers say they love.

1. Onboarding checklists:

Cezanne HR’s onboarding checklists are ideal for new starters and staff at other key points in their employee lifecycle, such as returning from parental leave or offboarding. The checklists facilitate the delivery and return – signed if required – of important documents. They also prompt data input, completion of training, and other HR and compliance-related tasks.


dairy partners testimonial

Onboarding has streamlined and simplified all our new starter actions and the feedback from new hires has been really positive. It sets a great first impression of the Company.

Dairy Partners


2. Absence management:

Requesting holidays is easy with Cezanne HR – users can simply log into the app and request leave when it’s convenient for them. Organisations with a global presence can tailor the system as needed, including different accrual rules and local public holidays. The absence module also facilitates managing TOIL for those organisations that offer it. All absence requests are updated in real-time ensuring a smooth absence management process.


EDW technology

We have been using the Absence module for booking holidays, logging sickness and managing overtime and TOIL. It’s working really well. People are finding it easy to use and it gives us good visibility of where everyone is at any one time.

EDW Technology


3. Reporting and analytics:

Users configure their reporting capabilities to their unique needs. Reports and recent searches can be saved for easy future access. This gives HR and line managers access to the data and analytics they require to excel in their roles and to deliver timely and strategic insights to their leadership teams.

4. Workflows and notifications:

Customers rely on workflows and their associated notifications to manage HRM processes. By automating procedures and reminders in the HR system, our customers are more efficient and compliant.

5. Online documents and signatures:

Hard copy HR documents can all be a thing of the past with Cezanne HR’s secure Cloud document library. Useful for both new employees and current staff, Cezanne HR’s document feature delivers an online process for managing and returning critical paperwork, with signatures if needed. Customers use the online documents and signature function to speed up onboarding, training and compliance – and to make a more considerate choice for the environment, too.

6. Custom form builder:

From travel loan requests and job requisitions to buying and selling holidays, the flexible form builder is a firm favourite with HR professionals. Simple drag and drop commands and configurable workflows ensure forms can be configured to meet virtually every customer’s need quickly and effectively.

7. Employee Self service:

The software’s secure self-service features allow line managers and employees to do more for themselves, saving their and their HR partner’s time. In addition, the mobile app makes it even easier to access everyday important functionality – the Cezanne HR system is designed to save everyone time.


We knew how we needed to enhance our entire employee experience at LifeSearch, and the Cezanne HR platform has brought that vision to life.



8. International HRMS platform:

As a SaaS HR system that was designed from the start to be global, Cezanne HR delivers a solution that’s ideal for organisations with international teams. Not only is the system available online 24/7 worldwide, it can be tailored to local needs, including different languages, holiday rules, compliance and security requirements.


The global capabilities of Cezanne HR meant we were able to solve a lot of the HR admin challenges that come with running an international business.

William Reed


9. Ongoing development:

Customers enjoy working with an organisation that is always developing. We are growing alongside our customers and we use their feedback to inform ongoing system enhancements. The annual User Group Meeting is just one of the many ways we gain user input, and we make sure we listen to their needs and improve the system wherever possible.

10. Support:

We know that bringing on board a new HR system can feel daunting, so we’re there to support our customers – on their terms – every step of the way. Whether that means splitting out a day of training into multiple sessions, or revisiting training on particular modules as they become more relevant, our support team is patient, helpful and focused on making the implementation and ongoing use of the system a success.

Customers also have access to a library of guides, videos and release notes that we are adding to all the time; our aim is to make working with Cezanne HR a positive and productive experience for everyone.


They have really worked in partnership with us, and the support has been excellent. I don’t envisage a situation where in one or two acquisitions time, we will feel we have outgrown it. The structure is growing, the product is growing, and our need for Cezanne HR is growing too.

ASL Aviation Group


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