9 ways Cezanne supports your talent retention strategies in summary:

  • In this blog, we look at how Cezanne HR software is a game-changer when it comes to supporting effective talent retention strategies.
  • It does this through centralising employee data, creating a seamless user experience, and supporting performance management processes.
  • In addition, it also supports better training and development, nurtures recognition and engagement, and makes sense of complex HR data.

Looking to turn your business into a talent magnet? Then you need to say hello to Cezanne HR: your secret weapon in the battle for retaining your best and brightest talent.

With the UK’s workforce continuing to shrink and valuable skills in short supply, holding onto top talent is like securing precious gold. For HR teams, 2024 was predicted to be a pivotal year for employee retention strategies and, so far at least, that prediction has proven accurate: with prominent business and HR leaders throwing their weight behind the importance of having an effective employee retention strategy.

5 ways Cezanne HR improves retention rates Cezanne HR Blog

Luckily, for the more forward-thinking businesses, HR software solutions – like Cezanne – have already proven a game-changer for those retention efforts. They offer innovative tools that streamline processes that keep employees engaged and satisfied, whilst also providing valuable data-driven insights that support the continual refinement and enhancement of retention efforts.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to see how Cezanne’s HR software helps support your talent retention strategies:

1. It centralises your valuable employee data…

First and foremost, Cezanne HR software acts as simple (yet powerful) central online hub for all your employee data. So, no more trawling through drawers, paper files or disjointed Excel spreadsheets to find what you need!

The core People module makes it simple to organise, secure and access key organisational and employee data – including personal information, employment history, salary and bonus information, and training records.

But, it’s not just centralising your core employee data that helps you support your retention efforts. With integrated modules that support performance management, onboarding and pulse surveys, you have all the information you need that enables you to personalise the employee experience at your business.

Creating bespoke performance development plans, promoting transparent communications, gaining insights into employee satisfaction… these all play a part in enhancing overall engagement and retention rates.

2. … AND makes life easier for you, too!

It’s not just your employees who benefit from Cezanne’s HR software. Cezanne does away with manual administration and processes, making life easier and more rewarding for HR professionals. In fact, it automates many of HR’s traditionally more time consuming administerial tasks; such as recording absences, approving absence requests, completing onboarding checklists and even pay calculations.

When you’re able to automate time-consuming, dull and repetitive (yet important) activities, you can focus on much more rewarding, enjoyable and value-adding initiatives.

3. Cezanne supports effective performance management

One of the most popular integrated modules with Cezanne is Performance Management. This is because it flexes to support your company’s performance management processes – not simply replace them.

The module serves as a one-stop shop for all things performance management and makes every aspect more transparent and engaging. From individual goal setting to feedback collection and quickly capturing one-to-one conversations… Cezanne ensures a better experience for everyone in your organisation.

It keeps everyone on the same page as to what’s expected and what’s required to meet those expectations. It boosts morale by highlighting the achievements of your employees, and gives your managers the tools they need to address performance issues before they escalate.

Put simply, it’s a win-win for keeping your team motivated, engaged, and – most importantly – sticking around for the long term.

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4. Cezanne supports better training and development

When it comes to successful retention strategies, offering training and development opportunities are a no-brainer – especially when you consider that career development is seen as vital to the employee experience!

With Cezanne HR, you can easily track employees’ skills, certifications, and training needs, allowing you to identify opportunities for professional growth and development. Plus, you can also offer engaging learning programmes through its integrated LMS platform.

By offering training or learning programmes, you’re enhancing your workforce’s own skill sets and demonstrating your commitment to help your employees’ own career advancement. This, in turn, can support increased loyalty and – yup, you guessed it – enhanced levels of staff retention.

5. … and succession planning

Along with upskilling your current workforce, Cezanne helps businesses identify and develop internal talent for future leadership positions through its integrated career and succession planning tools.

By nurturing talent from within your organisation, you’ll be better placed to reduce excess turnover and create a pipeline of skilled employees who are invested in the company’s success. You’ll be retaining your best and brightest whilst beating the skills shortage at the same time – nice, right?

6. Cezanne supports your employee engagement efforts

When your people feel connected to their work and your company’s mission, they’re more likely to enjoy what they do: giving it their all every day and sticking with you for the long haul. This is where employee engagement comes in, and Cezanne’s HR software can help support your efforts with its Pulse Survey module.

Pulse surveys allows you to get quick, targeted feedback from your employees about specific issues throughout the year – not just during more formal annual surveys. By gathering timely feedback on factors such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, and organisational culture, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement and implement more targeted retention initiatives.

7. Cezanne supports remote and flexible work arrangements

Today, flexible and remote working is a necessity of modern workplaces. In fact, according to the CIPD, an estimated 4 million UK employees have changed careers due to a lack of flexibility at work!

The point here is that businesses – where possible – should consider offering more flexibility as to when and where their employees conduct their duties – especially if they want them to stick around for longer. Luckily, this happens to be a Cezanne trump card.

Cezanne’s cloud-based HR software effortlessly facilitates the management of flexible work arrangements, such as remote working and flexible hours. Its platform can be accessed by web browsers on desktop devices, and via bespoke mobile apps when you’re on the move. For example, employees can request annual leave via the mobile app, and line managers can make approvals on the go, too.

So, whether it’s requesting time off, to completing timesheets or clocking in and out, everyone in your business can enjoy a seamless user experience across all platforms – enhancing their interactions with HR and supporting a more positive employment experience all round.

8. Cezanne supports staff recognition

We simply can’t talk about retention strategies without mentioning recognition – the two go (virtually) hand-in-hand! It’s a bona-fide fact that recognising employees’ achievements and efforts can boost morale, foster a positive work environment, increase loyalty and levels of retention. So, it makes sense then, that your HR software should enable you to recognise the efforts of your people.

Cezanne’s HR software supports employee recognition programmes by providing tools for acknowledging and rewarding employees for their contributions. The integrated Kudos peer-to-peer recognition platform makes it simple for your employees to highlight the achievements and efforts of their colleagues. Better still, categories and badges can also be tailored to match your own values and brand – perfect for creating a supportive culture your employees will find hard to leave!

9. Cezanne helps make sense of your data

Last, but by no means least, Cezanne’s powerful data analytics module, Insights, gives you the capability to drill down into your employee data like never before. Using your HR data in Cezanne, it creates intuitive graphical reports that makes complex information easier to understand and act upon.

So, when it comes to supporting retention strategies, you can easily investigate trends in your data, such as increasing employee turnover, and have the evidence you need to make more intelligent and informed decisions.

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Author bio

When he’s not watching his beloved Southampton, MICPD-qualified Peter Hall is the Head of Customer Success at Cezanne HR. He’s been with the business since its launch in 2013, and has over a decade’s worth of experience in successfully implementing HR software solutions for global clients.

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