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  • The CIPD Festival of Work takes place on the 12th-13th June 2024, and this year’s event is shaping up to be huge.
  • With so much going on over the two days, it’s essential to plan your visit to get the most from the exhibitors and content sessions.
  • Comfy shoes, taking the chance to engage with exhibitors and reflecting on what you see and hear are also vital to have the best experience.

The gargantuan CIPD Festival of Work is back and bigger than ever in 2024!

This year, it’s moving from Olympia London and taking place at the vast London ExCeL arena, and it’s shaping up to one of the best yet! As one of the most anticipated free events in the business world, the CIPD Festival of Work promises to deliver a wealth of knowledge, insights, and connections to help you thrive in today’s dynamic workplace landscape.

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Taking place on the 12th-13th June, it’ll cover virtually every aspect of the world of work! With 170+ exhibitors, 150+ engaging sessions of content and headline keynote speakers that includes popular television presenter and journalist Stacey Dooley MBE.

It gives you the opportunity to journey into the future of work through amazing experiences and interactive content. And the best part? A team from Cezanne will be there, too. Drop in and say hi on Stand C20 – they’ll have pick’n’mix!

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time attendee, here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of your experience at this transformative event.

Embrace this year’s theme

Each year, the CIPD Festival of Work explores a theme that reflects the current trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the world of work. From leadership and innovation in technologies, to diversity and inclusion, the theme sets the tone for the event and guides the selection of speakers, sessions, and activities.

This year is no different: with the core theme and question this year being: How can you create an environment that empowers your people to work better and in turn, works better for your people?

So, if you’re planning on going, take some time to familiarise yourself with this year’s theme and consider how it aligns with your professional goals and interests. By embracing the theme, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the overarching discussions and insights that’ll unfold throughout the event.

Plan your schedule

With a jam-packed agenda over the two days featuring keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops (not to mention networking opportunities), planning your schedule in advance is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on any must-see sessions.

Take advantage of the festival’s website or mobile app to browse the full line-up of speakers and sessions, and create a personalised itinerary that aligns with your interests and objectives. Be sure to prioritise sessions that address topics relevant to your industry, role, or areas of professional development, but also leave room for unexpected discoveries and spontaneous connections.

Embrace comfort!

The ExCel Arena is a big place. Along with the exhibition hall, there’s also the arena concourse with a wealth of food and drink outlets; not to mention the stunning surroundings of London’s Docklands. With so much going on and a lot of floorspace to cover, take it from me: wear comfy shoes! Your feet will thank you come the end of the day.

Also, you may want to bring a satchel or bag as many exhibitors give away plenty of branded swag: from notebooks and pens, to coffee mugs, brochures and, if you come to the Cezanne stand, plenty of sweet treats!

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with others

One of the greatest benefits of attending the CIPD Festival of Work is the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts from around the world. Whether you’re looking to expand your professional network, seek mentorship, or explore potential career opportunities, networking should be a central focus of your experience.

So, be proactive in initiating conversations, attending networking events, and exchanging contact information (where appropriate of course!) with fellow attendees. But, remember to approach networking with authenticity, curiosity, and a willingness to learn from others’ perspectives and experiences.

Engage with the exhibitors

In addition to the diverse line-up of speakers and sessions, the CIPD Festival of Work’s huge exhibition hall includes over 170 exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations, technologies, and solutions in the world of work. From intuitive HRIS software solutions, to workplace education providers and private healthcare benefit platforms… pretty much every aspect of the world of work is covered.

If you’re investigating new HR software and payroll platforms, take advantage of this opportunity to engage with exhibitors, learn about their products and services, and discover new tools and resources to enhance your work performance and productivity. You might be surprised how far the technology has come in the past few years! If you want to get the lowdown on what questions to ask, download the HR Software Selection Checklist here.

Whether you’re interested in HRIS software, employee engagement platforms, or leadership development programmes, the event offers a wealth of insights and opportunities to explore.

Reflect and apply your learnings

Once the event is over and you’ve made your way home, take some time to reflect on your experiences, insights, and key takeaways from the event. What new ideas or perspectives have you gained? How can you apply these insights to your work and professional development moving forward?

Whether that’s implementing new strategies, initiating conversations with colleagues, or seeking out additional learning opportunities, the real value of the CIPD Festival of Work lies in its ability to inspire action and drive meaningful change in your personal and professional life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of growth and discovery at the Festival of Work. You can get your free tickets by following this link.

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