It’s widely acknowledged that successfully engaging with new hires before they even join the company, and in those critical first few weeks, will pay off in every way, every time.  To help its clients ensure this, Cezanne HR, the leading provider of Cloud-based HR software for mid-sized and growing UK and international businesses, has launched its innovative new onboarding and employee lifecycle management module.

With every survey in recent years saying that a significant percentage of candidates offered a job either do not even start or leave within the crucial first few months, an effective onboarding process has never been more critical for business success (see Onboarding Infographic). Cezanne HR’s new onboarding module combines easy-to-manage and highly configurable welcome portals that showcase a client’s unique culture and values with unparalleled flexibility for task management so users can simply create a great onboarding experience that works for everyone.

Taking advantage of the data in the core HR system, the new onboarding functionality from Cezanne HR streamlines administration and connects new hires with the organisation and their colleagues; something that doesn’t stop after they join the company.  All the key employee lifecycle events such as promotions, relocations, pay rises, changes in hours and even retirement are integrated into the system so will run more smoothly too.

Everything is managed seamlessly via a simple task manager that also enables as many, highly configurable, task lists as required – each with their own activities, due dates and participants – to be easily created, monitored and managed.

“Offering someone the job is just the start of it; getting them successfully onboard and productively integrated into the organisation is a whole different ballgame,” explained Cezanne HR’s Marketing Director, Sue Lingard. “Put simply, our new onboarding and lifecycle management module has been designed specifically to enable our clients to effectively engage new hires, reduce administration overheads, enable compliance and improve the experience of the workforce at every stage of their employment lifecycle.”

Explaining just why onboarding and employee lifecycle management is such a key issue, Fi Weir, Training & HR Manager at the creative, events and branding agency, Brandfuel, said that it was all about efficiency and time-saving.  “Onboarding, either when you have new starters or when we have employees returning from maternity leave, can be hugely admin and process heavy – especially when you have multiple people involved with differing roles in the process and you are determined to do it right.  Having a dedicated software tool that manages all of the labour-intensive admin and supports all of the necessary processes in one neat, simple package – as well as integrating with our existing HR systems – will be welcomed by hard-pressed and time-poor HR departments. I look forward to seeing how it will work for us.”

Founded in 2013, Cezanne HR is on a mission to take the cost and complexity out of HR software. “As a team, we’ve decades of experience delivering HR solutions to companies worldwide”, Sue Lingard explained. “We know that while HR is complex, HR systems don’t need to be. What HR professionals need is a way of getting things done more easily and more productively. With Cezanne HR, we’ve developed a modern Cloud HR system that’s exceptionally cost-effective and quick to deploy – and gives HR the freedom to configure it to fit around their way of working.”

Headquartered in London, Cezanne HR’s international Cloud HR system – which includes modules for core HR as well as absence, performance, recruitment and career and succession management, is used in over 80 countries worldwide.