Good news for HR technology users in the shape of a survey from CedarCrestone. Not only is HR software good for you (in terms of efficiency and cost-savings) – it also appears to have a direct impact on productivity and performance.

The CedarCrestone HR systems survey made a clear link between high-performing companies and use of HR technology.  It found that on average 65 per cent of employees at top performing companies had direct access to HR technology, compared to 55 per cent at other companies.

It’s official – HR technology boosts performance Cezanne HR blog

Direct access to HR data also appeared to be significant. Twenty-eight per cent of managers at high performing companies were able to pull off HR info to support their business decisions, compared to 18 per cent at other companies.

The survey findings on use of internal social platforms are particularly interesting.  Companies who had taken the plunge and become early adopters of internal social media were out-performing their competitors, with an average 8 per cent higher revenue per employee.

The good news about internal HR platforms certainly seems to be getting through to companies in this US-based survey.  HR technology spend is up in general and 27 per cent of companies questioned were using some form of corporate social network – a significant increase since the survey was last done in 2010.

HR technology: is the UK lagging behind?

UK plc, however, seems to be taking a little longer to wake up and smell the coffee. Recent CIPD research showed that although social tools have now become an integral part of our personal lives on this side of the pond, relatively few of us have access to them at work.

Part of the problem is a lack of understanding about the benefits these systems can bring.  Many still regard them as tools which will encourage people to waste time and lose focus, rather than vehicles which can actually boost workplace productivity and significantly increase motivation.

The reality is that these ‘systems of engagement’ (to use the US terminology) are actually helping people collaborate on projects, work towards shared goals and generate new and exciting ideas.

Used to their fullest extent, the latest generation of people management systems can go even further. They can help companies make their learning and development activities more dynamic, for example, by giving participants the opportunity to interact before, during and after training events. They can also encourage the development of informal social based mentoring, delivered on an ad hoc basis at the time the individual needs it.

The survey points out that the most effective systems are those where traditional ‘record-keeping’ HR technology is combined with the social element (similar of course to Cezanne HR where a social platform is provided as an integral part of the HR software solution).

These systems are not only helping companies become more agile, they are also giving employees (particularly those from Generation Y), the tools they actively want to use and are enabling them to manage themselves.

What’s not to like …?

Have you joined the internal social revolution?  Let us know what benefits it is bringing your business.



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