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It’s official – HR technology boosts performance

Good news for HR technology users in the shape of a survey from CedarCrestone. Not only is HR software good for you (in terms of efficiency and cost-savings) – it also appears to have a direct impact on productivity and performance. The CedarCrestone 2012-2013 HR systems survey made a clear link between high-performing companies and use of […]

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10 things to put on your HR portal

Social media is revolutionising the way people communicate and collaborate at work.  A growing number of companies are now turning to internal social platforms to help employees keep up-to-date, connect with colleagues and work together seamlessly on projects.  It’s a great way to improve ‘connectedness’, drive innovation and help staff feel more involved and engaged […]

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Are you holding your own business back?

Meddling business owners are the biggest barrier to their own company’s growth, according to some research from Cranfield that crossed my desk this week.  Entrepreneurs, it seems, are finding it difficult to step away from routine, day-to-day tasks and as a result are failing to focus on the future growth of the business. The statistics […]

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10 ways social technology can boost your business

The CIPD’s latest report on how social technology can give companies competitive edge makes fascinating reading. It’s the first piece of research I’ve seen that gets to the heart of how social media can be used inside the business to drive innovation, improve working practices and get employees really engaged with their work and with […]

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A more social way of working?

The death of internal email and its replacement by social collaboration tools has been the subject of discussion at several meetings I’ve been to over the past few weeks. A significant number of companies, it seems, are following a similar path as information technology business Atos, who has pledged to phase internal email out completely […]

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