How to get your team back in the zone

Office worker with post-it-note on head

It’s a funny time of year. People are either on holiday, just back from holiday, or fed up because they haven’t had a holiday. The conversation in the office revolves around just how long the wait was at passport control and just how much rain there was in Cornwall. Everyone’s lost energy and focus, no-one’s […]

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Performance Reviews: focus on motivation

A report out this week from Red Letter Days suggests managers are not getting it quite right when it comes to motivating their staff. Results of a recent survey show that nearly half of those questioned admitted to having negative feelings about their job, while 37 per cent could not remember a single time in […]

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How to handle a difficult performance conversation

Difficult conversations about poor performance are right up there on the list of tasks managers dread the most.  It’s easy to sweep the problem under the carpet and hope it will go away.  But if you don’t tell people where they are going wrong, they will never get any better. It’s important not just to […]

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New insights on leadership: Why Leaders Eat Last

Illustration of 3 employees

‘Why leaders eat last ….’ was the intriguing theme of a presentation given by ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek at the Vistage 25th anniversary conference. The event, sponsored by Cezanne HR, brought MDs and senior managers together to challenge their thinking about leadership and in particular why some teams pull together and others don’t. In […]

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How to dream big – for yourself and your business

Illustration of clouds

“If money were no object and success was guaranteed, where would you be in five years time?” This was the question posed by Olympic athlete and motivational speaker Kriss Akabusi at a recent gathering I attended of HR professionals.  It was an inspiring and energetic evening, during which Kriss challenged people to step out of […]

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It’s official – HR technology boosts performance

Illustration of a bar chart

Good news for HR technology users in the shape of a survey from CedarCrestone. Not only is HR software good for you (in terms of efficiency and cost-savings) – it also appears to have a direct impact on productivity and performance. The CedarCrestone 2012-2013 HR systems survey made a clear link between high-performing companies and use of […]

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How to create a dream workplace

What would your dream workplace look like?  What environment would your employees be working in?  What would the culture be like?  What kind of attributes and values would be prized – and what would not be tolerated? We will all have a slightly different view of our personal workplace utopia, but according to HR gurus […]

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How to… break the sickness cycle

‘Tis the season to be sniffly – if the number of people who’ve been ‘off sick’ when I’ve tried to contact them this week is anything to go by.  Now of course it’s not uncommon for employees to succumb to colds and viruses at this time of year, when the temperature fluctuates between Indian Summer […]

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