Cezanne announces latest update to Cezanne OnDemand

The latest release includes a new HR portal that takes HR software in a new ‘social’ direction, significantly increasing its value as a business tool 

Cezanne Software, the leading European supplier of integrated HR and talent management solutions, today announces the latest update to their online HR software system for small and mid-sized businesses. The update, which will be automatically provided to all Cezanne OnDemand customers on October 27th as part of their subscription service, introduces new social human resource management features thanks to an innovative HR portal that allows companies to easily share documents and links, post announcements and enable feedback. The new release also sees further improvements to the look and feel of the HR solution, with a smarter design that will provide a smoother user experience.

Improving the value-add of HR software

“We’re really excited about this new release, says Carlo Ugdulena, CEO of Cezanne Software. HR information systems have been stuck in a rut for several years. The way we work together has changed, but HR software hasn’t kept up. For the most part, if you ask a company what value HR software is adding to their business, they will tell you that it is essentially an electronic filing cabinet for HR data, with some automation of HR-related processes, like holiday requests, through employee and manager self-service.”

“Our view is that HR software systems, should – and could – add more value to the business as a whole. HR solutions not only hold the people-related data that’s needed to enable collaboration in an organised and secure way; they are often the first point of call when an employee wants to request a holiday or update their personal information. Why not extend this accessibility to support other activities too?”

With Cezanne OnDemand, companies can already manage HR information and processes, such as absence and performance management, in an extremely cost-effective and efficient way. The new HR portal enables a more ‘social’ approach to work. It reflects how companies today are making use of social and cloud-based tools, such as LinkedIn, Yammer and Dropbox, to create communities, share knowledge and collaborate more easily and cost effectively within their own businesses.

Focusing communication through a single social hub has other advantages too. “There’s usually a lot of useful information flying around the company in e-mails,” explains Gianfranco D’Aurelio, Product Manager for Cezanne OnDemand. “E-mail is a great tool for some kinds of communications; we all like its immediacy and ease of use. But it is usually only accessible to those involved in the immediate conversation. If you route information or discussions through the portal, it’s available to everyone who needs it.”

Carlo Ugdulena concludes: “Our aim is to put the HR software system at the heart of the business; to create a social enterprise solution that’s driven by the HR data companies already have, and provides them with new ways to share information, engage with employees and work more productively and cost effectively.”

What’s New in Cezanne OnDemand Autumn 2012

Enabling the social enterprise with a brand new HR portal

The new HR portal is a private social workspace where companies can share information, whether that’s documents, announcements, links or discussions, with everyone in the organisation. It solves the challenge of ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date information, and encourages better communication and collaboration. Future releases will extend this social workspace functionality to allow others to create their own groups to share information and work together on projects.

In this release, the HR portal allows companies to:

  • Upload documents, such as employee handbooks, policy documents or internal newsletters
  • Create pages with rich formatting, perhaps to announce a new joiner or office event or to maintain a list of frequently asked questions
  • Post announcements via an activity feed and invite feedback
  • Add links to other web-based sites, for example to external sites with company news, recommended reading or other useful information

Smoother User Experience

Cezanne has further enhanced the user interface to help employees get to information and activities more easily. These include:

  • New eye-catching icons on the home page so that it’s easier to see where to go
  • Simplified navigation with direct routes to the most frequently used areas based on that person’s role
  • Improved screen design that highlights outstanding tasks
  • Less clutter on the page and more room to work in, with the option to hide the text-based navigation

Extended Search Functionality

A new ‘super’ search feature allows customers to easily extract data drawn from different parts of the system and export that data to allow further manipulation or analysis of data.