Frictionless HR: The next big trend?

Bobsleigh team setting off

Your overtime sheet or holiday request form sits in the manager’s in tray while they are away on business for five days. An employee rings HR to ask how many days remain from their holiday entitlement. HR is asked for a report on absence in department X by the manager. Whilst recruiting, applications are sent […]

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Risk-free implementation for your HR software

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You’ve selected your HR software, now comes the task of implementing it. I’m often asked “how can I be sure to get this part right?” Part of the answer actually lies in the preparation you have done during the selection process, which will indicate your current state of readiness. At this point you should have: […]

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Reports: One of the Big Five Benefits of an HR system

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Are you committed to providing managerial and operational staff with the information they need? Could you figure in headlines like “Employers ‘named and shamed’ over minimum wage failings” or “right-to-work checks?” More than one household name has been caught out recently. Do you know how many days you lose to sickness each month, or how […]

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Three fundamental laws of HR technology

Image of robotic woman

Thanks to the popularity of ‘I, Robot’, many of us are now familiar with Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics* I would like to propose Three Fundamental Laws of HR Technology: Let’s be brutally honest; 2018 isn’t the year that managements and HR woke up to the fact that we need information. More like 1998 […]

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Paper: Why HR needs to move on

Big files of paperwork

Paper – it used to be the lifeblood of organisations, now it’s become more of a nuisance, with a lot of HR time wasted in chasing it around, as many their processes are driven by authorisation. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for smaller organisations to dispense with it, but today’s affordable Cloud-based HR systems can […]

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