What is the right approach to performance reviews?

Two people discussing over a laptop

Intuitively, most of us know that praising people for what they’ve done well – as opposed to bawling them out for what they’ve done badly – is likely to result in a more motivated, engaged and productive workforce. But as the report (Strength-based Performance Conversations: an organisational field trial) points out, often our default setting […]

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Are you an ostrich or a magpie?

ostrich and a magpie

Let me ask you a question. Are you an ostrich or a magpie? I know what you’re thinking. But this isn’t some kind of wacky management training exercise, it’s a serious question about how open your business is to trying out new and different technologies and techniques. In a recent report, the CBI suggests that […]

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How to prepare for the perfect performance review

Two men chatting

I’m really looking forward to the next round of performance reviews – said no manager, ever. Endless form filling and the task of fitting appraisal meetings into an already packed diary can make performance management feel like a real chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Handled well, the formal appraisal is a […]

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How to make performance appraisals work

Two men in a one to one meeting

Performance management is high on the agenda for many organisations. In an increasingly competitive business climate, companies can’t afford to have ‘coasters’. They need their people to be performing at peak and agile enough to respond to new opportunities and shifts in the market. There is an increasing body of evidence that suggests the majority […]

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Reinvigorating productivity – the new HR imperative?

People working over laptops and coffee

I’ve recently been involved in helping to organise an event which is being put on at extremely short notice. It will probably be alright on the night, but it’s been a stressful and not particularly enjoyable experience. All other work has had to be put on the back-burner, and everyone involved knows the final result […]

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How to get mentoring into your learning and development mix

People playing cards round a tablee

Learning is fundamental to the growth and success of any organisation, and mentoring is increasingly recognised as an essential part of the mix. It’s a personalised, focused and frequently more cost-effective way to speed up learning, improve productivity and ensure important knowledge gets shared. There’s also a positive impact on employee retention and engagement – […]

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Why SMEs need to think about succession

Ipad showing career and succession planning from Cezanne HR

The World Athletics Championship has brought the subject of succession planning into sharp focus, with some big names bowing out and several up-and-coming competitors finishing higher than ranked or expected. The resulting debate about the need to ensure a strong pipeline of talent coming through applies as much to business as it does to sport. […]

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How to get your team back in the zone

Office worker with post-it-note on head

It’s a funny time of year. People are either on holiday, just back from holiday, or fed up because they haven’t had a holiday. The conversation in the office revolves around just how long the wait was at passport control and just how much rain there was in Cornwall. Everyone’s lost energy and focus, no-one’s […]

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