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Five ways to improve workplace relationships

workplace relationships

Dealing with employees who don’t get along or who have outright fallen out with each other is one of the most irritating and time-consuming tasks managers have to deal with. Strained relationships in the office don’t just cause a bad atmosphere, they can have a real impact on productivity and performance. Employees don’t have the […]

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Could you win an industry award?

Have you transformed your business with the innovative use of HR technology? If so, don’t hide your light under a bushel – put yourself forward for some well-deserved recognition by entering this year’s Personnel Today Awards. The ‘Excellence in HR through Technology’ category (sponsored by Cezanne HR) aims to recognise organisations that are bringing about […]

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Stop your employees from getting stuck in a rut

stagnating in their roles

With employment in the UK at a record high, employers are having to work harder than ever to attract and hold on to the best people. There are many reasons why staff may decide to quit their role and look for pastures new: a bigger salary, a shorter commute, more flexible working arrangements… But perhaps […]

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Getting employee recognition right

A business I visit regularly has a fantastic receptionist. Always ready with a smile, remembers everyone’s name and is willing to go the extra mile to sort out any issue. I was delighted recently to hear that she had been nominated for an award for outstanding customer service and was going to have her achievements […]

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What your employees expect from HR software

employee self service

It’s clear from the research, that HR professionals have a huge amount to gain from adopting the latest HR technology. All of their data in one place, a significant reduction in admin, automation of tedious and time-consuming processes and the latest HR analytics at their fingertips. But, without widespread employee adoption, it is highly likely […]

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Getting a workplace community off to a flying start

I’ve been fascinated by a recent online debate taking place between the CIPD and the British Institute of Facilities Management about what makes for a great workplace. ‘The workplace conversation’ comes from the premise that the three main parties involved in creating the optimum workplace – HR, IT and Facilities Management – often tend to […]

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How to engage employees with internal social media

can phone

Hands up if you felt a sneaking sympathy for the HR folk at Lloyds, whose recent attempts to engage with their staff via the Intranet went spectacularly wrong. According to a report in the Sunday Times, the company used its internal social portal to praise its “fantastic” and “agile workforce” – only to be met […]

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10 things to put on your HR portal

Social media is revolutionising the way people communicate and collaborate at work.  A growing number of companies are now turning to internal social platforms to help employees keep up-to-date, connect with colleagues and work together seamlessly on projects.  It’s a great way to improve ‘connectedness’, drive innovation and help staff feel more involved and engaged […]

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Five ways to encourage digital collaboration in your business

What is your business doing to give employees the freedom to connect with each other, create new ideas and challenge conventional thinking? This was the question posed last week by management guru Gary Hamel as he launched his ‘digital freedom challenge’ – a rallying cry to encourage companies to break away from bureaucracy and control […]

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