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When working from home works: Cezanne HR

working from home

A few weeks ago I came across an article on Linkedin about scrapping your work from home policy. The author argues that work is about what you do, not where you are, and focusing on policies misses the point. What’s really important, she says, is that you have a motivated, engaged workforce that is working productively […]

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5 liberating ideas for HR


Be honest. How are you feeling about going into work today? Excited at the prospect of new challenges and the chance to work with colleagues on creative solutions to business problems? Or, are you worn down by constant ‘fire-fighting’, endless admin, and a stream of difficult people-related issues to deal with? HR often finds itself […]

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Take a new approach to HR this autumn

new approach

The pencils are sharpened, the bags are packed and there’s a definite sense of new beginnings in the air. September is traditionally the time for fresh starts. People return from their holidays relaxed and refreshed and set about their work challenges with (hopefully) renewed vigour. For HR professionals, it’s a great time to take a […]

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Making the most of millennials

Karine Lipinski

Millennial workers generally get pretty bad press. They’re accused of being disloyal, self-centred and lacking in respect for their managers. They want constant praise and quick promotion – and if they don’t get it, they’ll be off to the next job in the blink of an eye (well, within two years anyway). They are, however, […]

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Why your wellness programme isn’t working

fruit bowl

Well-being is definitely a hot topic in HR circles at the moment. It’s the ‘must go to’ talk on the conference circuit, while the professional press is full of articles looking at how organisations are investing in everything from mindfulness training to gym memberships. There’s no doubt UK plc has a serious health issue. More […]

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Online HR software improves staff productivity

Cezanne HR software on Mac, tablet and PC

It’s not that long ago that HR software vendors touting their wares would focus almost entirely on the benefits of their latest system for the HR team. The message was that the product would cut down on frustrating admin, freeing HR up to concentrate on the more strategic aspects of its role. As visitors to […]

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5 ways to deter your staff from ‘pulling a sickie’


We’ve all done it – whether it’s due to a drizzly, grey morning, or a restless night’s sleep, pulling a sickie is something we’re definitely not a stranger to. While there certainly may be days where it’s genuinely best to stay at home, rather than infecting colleagues, there might be other days when someone just can’t […]

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New research on training – are you missing a trick?

A CIPD survey out this week tells us that job satisfaction has taken a downward slide, with the number of employees looking for a new job hitting a two-and-a-half year high. The research found that lack of development opportunities was a significant factor in people’s decision to look for pastures new, with less than half […]

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