Why it’s easy to justify the cost of global HR software

Why its easy to justify the cost of global hr software

Managing a global workforce isn’t easy. In a business with geographically dispersed staff, HR practitioners have to cope with the challenges of managing people consistently against a backdrop of different languages, different currencies and different working patterns – not to mention employment law that varies widely from country to country. So why is it that […]

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HR’s guide to influencing styles

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The ability to effectively influence is a key competency for HR people, and a skill which can make a real difference to your effectiveness in your role. It filters into all aspects of the job, whether it’s persuading the board to support your latest employee engagement initiative, getting line managers on side with a new […]

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Keeping data in your HR Software safe: Why roles matter

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The cyber security initiative just launched by the CIPD is a timely reminder that HR has a particularly tricky security challenge. On the one hand, you have a legal responsibility to make sure that confidential employee information is kept safe. On the other, your business would certainly grind to a halt if you don’t make […]

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How to tap into global talent

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In a global, interconnected world, the opportunities for people to work abroad have never been greater. A year in New York opening a new satellite office? A secondment to Germany to oversee a business-critical project? A few months in Dubai investigating opportunities to develop new markets in the Middle East? You might think employees would jump […]

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Five steps to engaging a global workforce

In the past week I’ve done a Skype interview with a contact in Dubai, collaborated on a joint project with colleagues in Boston, and taken part in a virtual meeting with a client in Italy. It’s a simple illustration of just how global our working lives are becoming, whatever type of job we are doing […]

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Employing overseas talent: staying legal

Employing people from overseas hit the headlines again last month with the Queen’s Speech and the announcement of government plans to crack down on illegal workers, and further limit sponsorship of overseas workers. Employers are ultimately responsible for checking that employees have the right to work in the UK. Deliberately taking on illegal workers can […]

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How HR software can help you act global, think local

Just how global businesses of all shapes and sizes have become has really come home to me recently. Over the past few weeks I’ve talked to a company teaching language skills to 40 million users around the world, a business with a workforce of 11 nationalities speaking 16 different languages and a technology specialist planning […]

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Managing a Global Workforce – how HR software can help

Recent research from Deloitte has underlined the increasingly global nature of organisations of all shapes and sizes. Now of course the concept of doing business globally is not new. As LBS professor Lynda Gratton points out in a recent article in HR Magazine, businesses have been international ever since silks and spices first started being […]

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