Making the most of millennials

Karine Lipinski

Millennial workers generally get pretty bad press. They’re accused of being disloyal, self-centred and lacking in respect for their managers. They want constant praise and quick promotion – and if they don’t get it, they’ll be off to the next job in the blink of an eye (well, within two years anyway). They are, however, […]

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5 business books to read this Summer

So the great Summer get-away has begun – and if you’re anything like me, it’s probably one of your only opportunities for some interruption-free reading. You’ve probably already packed a few poolside blockbusters (or downloaded them onto your Kindle) – but what about adding a few business books to the mix? When you’re relaxed and […]

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Here’s how to keep your older employees engaged

Older workers play an important part in the country’s economy, with the over-50 age group predicted to represent one third of the UK workforce by 2020. Maximising the potential of this ‘Baby Boomer’ generation – many of whom may still work for 20 years – is vital for businesses who want to thrive and grow […]

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How do I build trust inside my business?

Lack of trust between managers and their teams is an issue that just seems to keep coming up again and again. The last few months have seen a whole raft of surveys showing that employees typically regard those at the helm of organisations with suspicion, are sceptical about the motives of their managers and generally […]

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Zero Hours Contracts – The Debate

The ethical considerations of employing people on zero hours contracts have been brought sharply into focus by a raft of media coverage over the past few days. Concern has been raised that use of these contracts has increased significantly during recent years. A poll published this week by CIPD estimates that more than one million […]

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