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Erika Lucas

Writer and Communications Consultant

Erika Lucas is a writer and communications consultant with a special interest in HR, leadership, management and personal development. Her career has spanned journalism and PR, with previous roles in regional press, BBC Radio, PR consultancy, charities and business schools.

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Justifying the cost of global HR software

Managing a global workforce isn’t easy. HR practitioners have to navigate the challenges of different languages, multiple currencies and various working patterns – not to mention employment laws varying widely from country to country. And on top of all that, […]

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woman at desk

How HR can become ‘enablers’

In the past few months, HR professionals were in full ‘troubleshoot’ mode. It’s not surprising when businesses across all industries and sectors were impacted by COVID-19 one way or another. Although many top issues for HR remained the same as […]

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people matters for business stability illustration

How HR can support business stability

With the global pandemic throwing a wrench in businesses’ plans for the year, organisations have focused their efforts on maintaining stability and continuity where possible. This has made business owners and managers take a good hard look at their people […]

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working from home video call

How HR can support remote working

The subject of remote working continues to be a top priority for HR teams. Many larger organisations have already adapted to working remotely, mainly due to the blanket ‘stay at home’ restrictions we all experienced at the height of the […]

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