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Why SMEs need to think about succession

The World Athletics Championship has brought the subject of succession planning into sharp focus, with some big names bowing out and several up-and-coming competitors finishing higher than ranked or expected. The resulting debate about the need to ensure a strong […]

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How HR can make an impact in SMEs

Being an HR practitioner in an SME is a very different experience to working in a large organisation. Practitioners may be working with a management team who see HR as operational rather than strategic. They often don’t fully understand the […]

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Zero Hours Contracts – The Debate Cezanne Blog

Zero Hours Contracts – The Debate

Zero Hours Contracts – The Debate in Summary: Zero hours contracts have sparked debate due to concerns about exploitation and lack of benefits, with over a million workers affected. They offer flexibility for businesses with fluctuating staffing needs and can […]

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How to drive performance and productivity in your SME

The important role that SMEs have to play in driving economic growth is increasingly being recognised – and as a result there’s been a noticeable rise in HR circles of efforts to help small businesses manage their people more effectively.

As the employers of over 14 million people in the UK, it is important that SMEs get their HR management right.

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Have great conversations with your team

In a small business, having a ‘happy ship’ is vital. There simply isn’t time for the minor spats, grudges and resentment that can so easily arise simply because someone has been misunderstood or hasn’t got their message across clearly.

Indeed research has shown that a negative interaction with someone has a real impact on productivity – it can take someone several hours to recover not just their good spirits but also their concentration after a difficult or unpleasant exchange with a colleague or their manager.

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Are you holding your own business back?

Meddling business owners are the biggest barrier to their own company’s growth, according to some research from Cranfield that crossed my desk this week.  Entrepreneurs, it seems, are finding it difficult to step away from routine, day-to-day tasks and as […]

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