Angry woman pointing

Dealing with angry employees

At some point, most HR people have probably had to have a difficult conversation with an angry employee. Sadly, the office can be a breeding ground for resentment and pent-up fury. People feel they are being treated unfairly; colleagues aren’t pulling their weight; they’re […]

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People walking blindfolded

Manage yourself through ambiguity

It’s been a bumpy few days for UK plc as the political and economic fallout from Brexit continues unabated. It’s not an exaggeration to say the business world is in shock. According to a report in People Management, only 5% of […]

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Person climbing a mountain

Does HR need to be more courageous?

Mention the word ‘courage’ and the image that springs to mind is typically the hero fireman rescuing the child from the burning building, or the intrepid adventurer scaling the heights of majestic mountains. But according to a fascinating talk at […]

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