Should employees have a voice?

Interesting food for thought in the shape of a recent debate between academics and HR practitioners on the need to give employees a ‘voice’ in the workplace. The Voice and Value Conference (organised jointly by the CIPD and London School […]

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How to make it OK to speak out

If you saw someone behaving unethically or inappropriately at work, would you do anything about it? If the honest answer is no, you’re not alone. Recent research from Roffey Park suggests that although nearly half of managers have seen misconduct […]

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Time for a fresh start?

There’s a definite whiff of sharpened pencil in the air as the summer holidays draw to a close and the children head back to school. September is often a time for new beginnings in the workplace too, as people return […]

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Are you a family-friendly employer?

Another week, another industry award – and this time the search is on for the top employer for working families. Now the arguments for being a flexible, family-friendly employer are well-rehearsed. Access to a wider talent pool. Engaged and loyal employees. […]

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