Looking for growth in your business?

There’s a real sense of optimism in the air as the economy continues to pick up and survey after survey tells us business confidence is on the rise. It looks like small and mid-sized businesses will be driving much of the predicted growth in recruitment over the next few months.  Research released yesterday by the […]

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Should employees have a voice?

Interesting food for thought in the shape of a recent debate between academics and HR practitioners on the need to give employees a ‘voice’ in the workplace. The Voice and Value Conference (organised jointly by the CIPD and London School of Economics (LSE) heard that “a catastrophic imbalance of power” had arisen in UK businesses […]

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How to make it OK to speak out

If you saw someone behaving unethically or inappropriately at work, would you do anything about it? If the honest answer is no, you’re not alone. Recent research from Roffey Park suggests that although nearly half of managers have seen misconduct at work, only two-thirds have spoken up. Junior managers – not surprisingly – were the […]

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New insights on leadership: Why Leaders Eat Last

Illustration of 3 employees

‘Why leaders eat last ….’ was the intriguing theme of a presentation given by ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek at the Vistage 25th anniversary conference. The event, sponsored by Cezanne HR, brought MDs and senior managers together to challenge their thinking about leadership and in particular why some teams pull together and others don’t. In […]

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How to turn your customers into your biggest fans

Last week I was interviewing one of Cezanne HR’s clients for a press release and asked her what she thought about the help desk. “I want to marry them”, she replied, before going on to wax lyrical about the great service she’d had from the online team and how quick they were to answer her queries. […]

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Why negative feedback can be a good thing

What businesses have to learn from the legacy of the Olympics has been the subject of two events I’ve attended this week.  The euphoria of London 2012 may have died down – but there is still a great deal of interest in just how British sport managed to pull off such an amazing transformation and […]

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What makes a good manager? Your top tips

Our recent post on ‘fatal flaws of bad managers’ certainly seems to have touched a nerve, with lots of you sharing experiences good and bad, as well as positive advice about what makes for a good manager. So with thanks and credit to everyone who’s shared their thoughts, here are some of your top tips […]

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Time for a fresh start?

There’s a definite whiff of sharpened pencil in the air as the summer holidays draw to a close and the children head back to school. September is often a time for new beginnings in the workplace too, as people return refreshed from their annual leave and get back into the swing of things at work. […]

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Celebrating success in your business

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t been swept away on the tide of triumph created by London 2012. With the medal total standing at 48 at the time of writing, even the most sports-phobic amongst us have got caught up in a whirl of Olympic excitement. There’s nothing, it seems, like a celebration of […]

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