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John Hixon

Intelligent Workflows for Approving Time Off

intelligent workflows

Setting up your approval rules for paid time off and sickness plans might seem simple at first: you probably want requests to go to the employee’s manager for approval. But it is very common among our customers to want to route different requests in different ways – depending on the type of absence or location. […]

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Job-Based Competency Reviews

If you are using our performance module, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty sophisticated. With Cezanne HR, you can build a form using objectives, competencies and questions – all of which can be scored using your own rating system, but sometimes sophistication comes at a price: more effort for you the HR Administrator to […]

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Recording Futuristic Data

In the last blog, we took a look at the benefits of storing historical data. Another benefit of being able to store data in this way is that it enables you to enter futuristic data i.e. a record with an ‘Effective From’ date that is in the future. This might sound a bit fantastical, but […]

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Recording Historical Employee Data

  We’re big believers in recording historical employee data – we do it on nearly every screen in the system. This means that records such as ‘Employment Contracts’, ‘Compensation’ and ‘Working & Scheduled Time’ have an ‘Effective From’ and an ‘Effective To’ date, and each change in the employee’s circumstances results in a new entry […]

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Calculating PTO with Cezanne HR

Memorial day has come and gone, which means summer vacation is just around the corner! But before we start dreaming of a beach vacation, we’re going to have to figure out how much time we’ve managed to accrue—which is much easier said than done. Calculating time off can be very complicated, especially when it’s divided into vacation days, […]

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