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Do I really have time to follow yet another HR blog, I hear you asking yourself? Well I hope you’ll make just a small space for this one, because our aim is to entertain, inform – and maybe give you some ideas to make your job easier.

I come across lots of HR people in the course of my working week, and what I’ve observed is that those who are working in SMEs are usually at full stretch. They’re often the only HR person in their business, or part of a very small team, and are dealing with everything from strategic decisions about resourcing to the frustrations of keeping staff data up-to-date.

It can be a bit of a lonely existence. People tell me they really miss having someone to bounce ideas around with and to back them up when they’re trying to advise management of the HR implications of a business decision.

We can’t give you another pair of hands, but we can help you keep up to date with the issues of the day and how they’re likely to affect you. We’ll be taking a look at the HR headlines and trying to interpret what it means for you at the front-line of a growing business.

We’ll be drawing your attention to the latest legislation and sharing our knowledge of how your fellow HR practitioners are dealing with the practicalities of implementation on the ground.

We don’t, however, want this to be a one-sided affair. We hope you’ll contribute, respond and maybe sometimes even disagree! We look forward to engaging with you in lively debate.

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