How to create a dream workplace

What would your dream workplace look like?  What environment would your employees be working in?  What would the culture be like?  What kind of attributes and values would be prized – and what would not be tolerated? We will all […]

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Have great conversations with your team

In a small business, having a ‘happy ship’ is vital. There simply isn’t time for the minor spats, grudges and resentment that can so easily arise simply because someone has been misunderstood or hasn’t got their message across clearly.

Indeed research has shown that a negative interaction with someone has a real impact on productivity – it can take someone several hours to recover not just their good spirits but also their concentration after a difficult or unpleasant exchange with a colleague or their manager.

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How to leave the office behind when you’re on holiday

There’s a definite whiff of suncream in the air this week as the pace of work starts to wind down and employees get ready to head off for their summer break.

Research from the Institute of Leadership and Management suggests, however, that the lead-up to the summer holidays is actually one of the most stressful times of the year and that many managers won’t be fully switching off when they take their well-earned break.

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