Get set for success with apprenticeships

Young man working at a computer

The Apprenticeships scheme is up for an overhaul with the Chancellor’s budget announcement that contributions for non levy-paying organisations will be halved. The reduction in training payments comes as part of a wider £695 million package to support apprenticeships, and follows news that greater flexibility over the use of funds is also being introduced. It’s […]

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Could your HR record-keeping put your business at risk?

Laptop showing form builder software from Cezanne HR

A recent court case has highlighted the importance of having a reliable system for managing and storing important people-related paperwork. In the case of Tenon V Cawley, the employer alleged that Miss Cawley, a member of its senior management team, was in breach of restrictive convenants in her contract of employment. When the case came […]

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What is a 9-box grid and why might you find it helpful?

9-box grid with each box explained

A 9-box grid is a tool that is widely used in HR to help facilitate conversations about employee development and succession planning. Employees are mapped against two axis, typically current performance and future potential. Historically, the focus was on leadership, but the grid was quickly adapted for use with other groups of employees, such as […]

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Top tips for creating a compelling careers page

Laptop showing an application form

No matter how your job applicants come to you, whether it’s online, through a colleague/friend, or via a recruiter, one thing you can be sure of, at some stage they’ll check out the careers page on your website. So, what is it that candidates expect from your website, and how can you be sure that […]

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How HR software can help companies win the war for talent

Group of women in a meeting

The CIPD has set alarm bells ringing with its recent report highlighting the difficulty employers are facing when it comes to recruitment. In its latest Labour Market Outlook survey, almost two thirds of organisations said they were finding at least some of their vacancies difficult to fill. More than a quarter are already having to […]

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How HR can help managers address poor performance

Check box with faces

Performance-related problems often come knocking on HR’s door. A manager has lost patience with an employee’s consistent lateness and wants HR to invoke the formal disciplinary procedure. A sales consultant has started to miss targets and the manager thinks they should go. An employee is struggling to get to grips with a new way of […]

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Easy ways to improve recruitment (and why you need to care)

Someone being interviewed

As a recent graduate, I’m no stranger to the process of job hunting. Scrolling endlessly through online job boards, spending hours writing cover letters and CVs, tailoring them to each individual job spec and then spell checking again and again (and again). It’s an exhausting process, so it’s only fair that companies acknowledge the hard […]

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