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GDPR: the perils of HR spreadsheets and how to avoid them

The soon-to-be-implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings with it new requirements for businesses, such as better proof of security, enhanced rights for employees over their data and more emphasis on data accuracy. It puts HR teams at the forefront of compliance – and those that haven’t digitised their HR data, but instead rely on […]

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Why HR needs to have vision

An uncertain economic climate, advances in technology and far-reaching market disruptions are putting organisations under more pressure than ever before. Senior management are increasingly looking to HR to help the business meet these challenges through innovative people processes that get people engaged and performing at peak. A recent article in HR magazine demonstrates how having […]

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Why mentoring isn’t just for the big players

Smaller companies often write off the idea of running a mentoring programme because they believe it will be too time-consuming and can only really work well in organisations with a large workforce and the HR resource to manage it. The reality, however, is that it’s perfectly possible to get low-maintenance mentoring running in a smaller […]

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Is it time for a resolution revolution?

Dealing with conflict is part and parcel of everyday working life for HR professionals. Managers fall out irretrievably with one of their direct reports. Personality clashes between colleagues get out of hand, to the point where the warring factions are unable to work together successfully. Communication breaks down between management and the union, leading to […]

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HR Software: The Perfect Valentine?

Since the arrival of the Valentine card in Victorian times, the Valentine’s Day industry has grown to be a multi-million pound, one-day extravaganza. Although it provides an opportunity to ignite some romance with your partner and to shower them with cards, flowers or more extravagant gifts, it’s not without its downsides. Here’s our tongue in […]

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