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Uplifting TED talks from 2017 to benefit HR

climb mountain

There’s something innately uplifting about a good TED talk, and at the end of a year and the start of a new one, uplifting is what we need! Here are some of the TED talks from this year that caught our eye in 2017. They’ve been selected because they are relevant to all of us […]

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My favourite HR blogs 2017

blog scrabble pieces

A selection of some of the best and brightest HR blogs out there this year… Change-effect Neil Morrison has been working in HR for 20 years, which probably makes him more than qualified to write an HR blog. He was previously Group HR Director for Penguin Random House, and is now HR Director at Severn […]

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Top tips for a ho-ho-healthier office this winter


Cold and flu season is upon us, and for many organisations that can be real problem. The run up to Christmas is often the busiest time of the year. Deadlines need to be hit, the business resourced, and holidays accommodated. Obviously, employee wellness isn’t just for Christmas. According to a Kronos report, “the overall cost […]

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What is the right approach to performance reviews?


Intuitively, most of us know that praising people for what they’ve done well – as opposed to bawling them out for what they’ve done badly – is likely to result in a more motivated, engaged and productive workforce. But as the report (Strength-based Performance Conversations: an organisational field trial) points out, often our default setting […]

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Are you an ostrich or a magpie?

ostrich magpie

Let me ask you a question. Are you an ostrich or a magpie? I know what you’re thinking. But this isn’t some kind of wacky management training exercise, it’s a serious question about how open your business is to trying out new and different technologies and techniques. In a recent report, the CBI suggests that […]

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GDPR: building a culture of responsibility

With the GDPR fast approaching, companies are busy putting the right policies, processes and HR software in place to help manage their data and ensure compliance with the new regulations. But as any HR professional will tell you, having ‘rules’ in place doesn’t necessarily mean people will follow them, even if the consequences have been […]

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5 reasons you should be doing back-to-work interviews


Research has shown that return-to-work interviews play a significant part in helping organisations to reduce absence levels. But as HR professionals will know, line managers are often reluctant to sit down, either formally or informally, with their employees when they come back to work after being off sick. Usually, it’s because they see it as […]

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