US and UK Companies Are Not Looking For the Same Thing in HR Software

Recent research from Software Advice has revealed some significant differences between companies in the United States and United Kingdom looking for HR software.

Software Advice, which provides advice to organizations looking to invest in new HR technologies, has pulled together information gathered since the beginning of 2015.

With some 50% of potential buyers in both countries still using pen, paper and spreadsheets, and the rest looking to move on from one variety or another of existing HR systems, it’s clear that it’s not just frustration with manual processes that’s driving the search for new solutions.

Current Approach to Managing HR:





Improving business efficiency tops the list of reasons for evaluating HR software in both countries, but US organizations are clearly more concerned in finding solutions that will enable process automation (26% in the US versus 9% in the UK), whereas UK companies appear to have centralizing and consolidating HR data as a primary goal (3% for US companies versus 26% in the UK).

On the face of it, UK companies also seem much more dissatisfies with their current vendors, with 14% of repondents citing lack of support (versus 1% for US companies).


Top Reasons for Evaluating HR Software:




There’s also an interesting difference of emphasis when it comes to the features that companies are looking for. Personnel tracking—which includes vacation/PTO management—is a requirement for 66% of UK companies, but only 30% of US companies. This may be a reflection of the European Union legislation mandating at a set minimum for paid time off and sick leave. A 2013 report from PwC found that UK workers take an average of 9.1 sick days each year, nearly double the amount the workers in the US take (4.9 days). Companies in the UK are also eager to find solutions with integrated recruiting with 40% asking for this functionality against 23% in the US.

With functionality that can be greatly improved by automation, like on-boarding, attendance and performance reviews, US companies seem to feel they’ve got on-boarding covered, with only 3% mentioning it as a key requirement but 23% and 16% for absence and performance reviews respectively shows a more generous push for automation. The UK on the other hand cited on-boarding 20% of the time, attendance: 14% and performance management: 13%.


Top Requested HR Functions:



If you have an international HR department that is responsible for the your organization’s people in the United States and the United Kingdom, it can be difficult to itemize which functionality will be needed. It’s best to find a global system that gives you the ability to add functionality as you grow.


Here’s a link to Software Advice’s full report, including participants from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia: Human Resources Software BuyerView 2015

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