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Justifying the cost of global HR software

Managing a global workforce isn’t easy. HR practitioners have to navigate the challenges of different languages, multiple currencies and various working patterns – not to mention employment laws varying widely from country to country. And on top of all that, […]

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7 ways to ensure GDPR compliance using HR software

GDPR: building a culture of responsibility

GDPR: building a culture of responsibility in summary: This blog explores the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on organisational culture, emphasising the need for a shift towards a culture of responsibility regarding data protection. We discuss the […]

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Employing overseas talent: staying legal

Employing people from overseas hit the headlines again last month with the Queen’s Speech and the announcement of government plans to crack down on illegal workers, and further limit sponsorship of overseas workers. Employers are ultimately responsible for checking that […]

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