How to handle a difficult appraisal

In an ideal world, all appraisals would be positive. It’s a great opportunity to highlight successes, make people feel good about what they’ve achieved and spur them on to even greater performance. The reality, however, is that sometimes people’s performance […]

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Illustration of a plane flying around a globe

How to tap into global talent

In a global, interconnected world, the opportunities for people to work abroad have never been greater. A year in New York opening a new satellite office? A secondment to Germany to oversee a business-critical project? A few months in Dubai […]

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Man meditating outdoors

How HR can develop its resilience

It was hardly surprising to read last week that levels of self-confidence and emotional resilience among HR professionals have dropped in recent years. HR people not only have to bear the brunt of much criticism from business colleagues, but are […]

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