International Schools Partnership (ISP)

Worldwide multi-lingual school group of 7,000 employees reaping the benefits of Cezanne HR The International Schools Partnership (ISP), with 50 schools across 15 countries, uses Cezanne HR to help them manage their 7,000 employees. With schools spread around the globe, […]

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Illustration of four people rowing

Five ways to develop leaders for the future

Being a leader ain’t what it used to be. Today’s managers are negotiating unchartered territories, with technology disrupting markets, often almost overnight, intense competition and an increasingly global work environment, complete with all the cultural and communication challenges it brings. […]

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Why your employees need a growth mindset Cezanne HR Blog

Why your employees need a growth mindset

Why your employees need a growth mindset in summary: In this blog, we look at the importance of cultivating a growth mindset among employees, and how it’s crucial to fostering innovation, resilience, and adaptability within organisations. A growth mindset encourages […]

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