How to create a dream workplace

What would your dream workplace look like?  What environment would your employees be working in?  What would the culture be like?  What kind of attributes and values would be prized – and what would not be tolerated? We will all […]

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Kill or be killed by bureaucracy?

The gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down to HR people this week in the form of a speech given by Gary Hamel, widely acknowledged as ‘the world’s most influential business thinker’. In a keynote presentation to the CIPD’s […]

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How HR can improve its PR?

HR folk have been licking their wounds this week after getting a bit of a bad press from their management colleagues.  A KPMG/Economist Intelligence Unit survey said HR people weren’t forward-looking enough, were too immersed in the day-to-day tactical stuff […]

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Time for a rethink on HR?

Uncomfortable reading for HR people this week in the shape of new research which shows they are largely viewed as ineffective and not fast or flexible enough to adapt their strategies to the changing world of work. This serious ‘image’ […]

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