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Sue Lingard

How to keep your HR processes running smoothly


HR software that automates the flow of key HR processes – like vacation requests, sickness notifications or timesheet approvals – is hugely popular with HR and line managers. Instead of time-consuming manual processes or disconnected emails, today’s online HR systems route requests and approvals to the right people at the right time; automatically update the relevant […]

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The 10 Best Automation Tools for HR

I imagine I’m not the only one who resents spending time on manual repetitive tasks. Activities that can’t be ignored, but aren’t really adding value either. It’s not just bad for my personal sanity, but for business too! Here’s our list of the ten top HR automations that let you work smarter – so you […]

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How irresistible is your workplace?

What would it take to make your workplace irresistible? A guaranteed annual pay rise? The ability for staff to flex their working hours at will? Free lunch for all? Unlimited paid vacation? According to management guru Josh Bersin, the answer probably isn’t any of the above (although some of them may help). Writing in the […]

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How HR software can help streamline employee exits

When an employee leaves, it’s almost always the case that HR are expected to pick up most of the administration tasks. Contractual terms need to be checked, remaining PTO entitlement calculated, company assets reclaimed, exit interviews organized, colleagues and customers informed, P45s issued and replacements found, alongside a host of other important, but time-consuming activities. Cezanne HR […]

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New things you can do with pictures in Cezanne HR

Organisation Chart

People love pictures. Our brains are hard-wired to process them quickly. They add context, provide information and drive engagement. That’s why with the latest update, we’ve taken on-board feedback from customers and added new features to make managing – and using – pictures in Cezanne HR even simpler. Putting faces to names In the past, […]

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Keeping data in your HR Software safe: Why roles matter

The cyber security initiative just launched by the CIPD in the UK is a timely reminder that HR has a particularly tricky security challenge. On one hand, you have a legal responsibility to make sure that confidential employee information is kept safe. On the other, your business would certainly grind to a halt if you don’t […]

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Get the most from your Cezanne HR portal

With so much to take care of in HR, it’s easy to lose sight of just how important regular employee communication is as a means of keeping everyone engaged and heading in the same direction. The good news is that with the portal that comes as part of your Cezanne HR software, you have a […]

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