5 liberating ideas for HR

People wearing suits celebrating outside

Let’s be honest. How are you feeling about going into work today? Are you excited at the prospect of new challenges and the chance to work with colleagues on creative solutions to business problems? Or, are you worn out from constant ‘fire-fighting’, endless admin, and a stream of difficult people-related issues to deal with? HR […]

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Making the most of millennials

Karine Lipinski

Gen Y workers generally get pretty bad rap. They’re accused of being disloyal, self-centered and lacking respect for their managers. They want constant praise and quick promotions – and if they don’t get it, they’ll be off to the next job in the blink of an eye. They are, however, also the future workforce and will […]

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Why your wellness program isn’t working

Post-it-notes laid out

Wellness is definitely a hot topic in HR circles at the moment and it’s one of the top talks on the conference circuit, while the professional press is full of articles looking at how organizations are investing in everything from mindfulness training to gym memberships as part of their wellness programs. While all these well-being […]

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Can your employees drive their own engagement?

Person holding compass

An alternative take on employee engagement this week from leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, who suggests that companies are missing a trick by only focusing on only one side of the engagement equation. HR is so busy communicating the values, creating positive management cultures and building reward and recognition programmes that it has forgotten the vital […]

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8 tips to re-energize a team that’s lost its mojo

Your team is the best. Renowned for being a happy, high-performing ship, but lately you’ve noticed your people just don’t seem as motivated as usual. There’s nothing major you can put your finger on, just a feeling that people have become a bit disengaged with their work. The last few team meetings have been a bit flat and […]

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How irresistible is your workplace?

Illustration of three people

What would it take to make your workplace irresistible? A guaranteed annual pay rise? The ability for staff to flex their working hours at will? Free lunch for all? Unlimited paid vacation? According to management guru Josh Bersin, the answer probably isn’t any of the above (although some of them may help). Writing in the […]

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How to deal with coasters in your team

Man lying on the grass on tablet

We all know that person who’s a ‘coaster’. They’re the people who are only doing just enough to get by: who lack enthusiasm, who are unwilling to change their routine, who push their lunch ‘hour’ as far as it will go and spend their day ‘riding it out’ till the clock strikes five. These kind of […]

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How to become a learning organization

Things I have learned so far this week: How to upload photographs to a new content management system, some interesting facts about how social media is affecting recruitment, that switching off my email alerts makes me 100% more productive… and it’s only Wednesday. This isn’t just about me showing off my new-found knowledge. There’s a […]

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