Can your employees drive their own engagement?

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An alternative take on employee engagement this week from leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, who suggests that companies are missing a trick by only focusing on only one side of the engagement equation. HR is so busy communicating the values, creating positive management cultures and building reward and recognition programmes that it has forgotten the vital […]

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8 tips to re-energize a team that’s lost its mojo

Your team is the best. Renowned for being a happy, high-performing ship, but lately you’ve noticed your people just don’t seem as motivated as usual. There’s nothing major you can put your finger on, just a feeling that people have become a bit disengaged with their work. The last few team meetings have been a bit flat and […]

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How irresistible is your workplace?

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What would it take to make your workplace irresistible? A guaranteed annual pay rise? The ability for staff to flex their working hours at will? Free lunch for all? Unlimited paid vacation? According to management guru Josh Bersin, the answer probably isn’t any of the above (although some of them may help). Writing in the […]

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What Your Employees Expect From HR Software

It’s clear from the research, that HR professionals have a huge amount to gain from adopting the latest HR technology: all of their data in one place, a significant reduction in admin, automation of tedious and time-consuming processes and the latest HR analytics at their fingertips. But, without widespread employee adoption, it is highly likely […]

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How to Empower Employees

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The need for HR to become “enablers” rather than “controllers” was one of the key themes of CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese’s opening address at the 2014 CIPD conference in Manchester, UK. In his rousing speech, Cheese highlighted the need for the profession to shift its focus in response to changes in the world of work, and […]

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How to: Combat Stress

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5 Ways for You and Your HR Team to Keep Your Cool  Summer is over and work pressure is starting to build. HR teams often find themselves particularly busy at the beginning of autumn; there is definitely a “back to school” buzz. Managers are feelings re-energized, excited to pursue new people-related initiatives or tackle performance […]

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