Getting HR right for right now

Woman wearing smart clothes holding a folder

What are the right things for HR to be doing right now? This is the question posed in a recent article by leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder, who asked some of the world’s most admired companies what was top of their HR agenda. The piece provides some fascinating insights into how organizations such as Nestle, Goldman […]

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Five outdated recruitment practices you really need to change

Woman holding a clip board and pen

Let’s step back 30 years and revisit the typical business. Among all the beige, boxy PCs with about four pixels on their monitors, endless rows of filing cabinets and other forms of paper storage, all surrounded by the horrendous brown decor leftover from the ‘70s. Thankfully, our office workspaces have changed since then! Yet there’s one […]

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How to keep your HR processes running smoothly

Timesheet in Cezanne HR

HR software that automates the flow of key HR processes – like vacation requests, sickness notifications or timesheet approvals – is hugely popular with HR and line managers. Instead of time-consuming manual processes or disconnected emails, today’s online HR systems route requests and approvals to the right people at the right time; automatically update the relevant […]

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How to become a learning organization

Things I have learned so far this week: How to upload photographs to a new content management system, some interesting facts about how social media is affecting recruitment, that switching off my email alerts makes me 100% more productive… and it’s only Wednesday. This isn’t just about me showing off my new-found knowledge. There’s a […]

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It’s time to break up with your HR spreadsheets

HR spreadsheets guide front cover

We get it, you’re busy! But wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your valuable time helping to create a better business, rather than being stuck doing repetitive administrative tasks? There are hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t be managing your workforce with spreadsheets, here are five: Spreadsheets are accident prone According to research […]

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Successfully managing sabbaticals and extended leave

Offering the option of extended leave – whether that’s a career break, sabbatical or simply additional time off – is increasingly popular for businesses of every size. It provides the opportunity to hang on to talented staff who might otherwise leave, and can means that staff return to work better skilled and better motivated.   […]

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