Getting HR right for right now

Woman wearing smart clothes holding a folder

What are the right things for HR to be doing right now? This is the question posed in a recent article by leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder, who asked some of the world’s most admired companies what was top of their HR agenda. The piece provides some fascinating insights into how organizations such as Nestle, Goldman […]

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Making the most of millennials

Karine Lipinski

Gen Y workers generally get pretty bad rap. They’re accused of being disloyal, self-centered and lacking respect for their managers. They want constant praise and quick promotions – and if they don’t get it, they’ll be off to the next job in the blink of an eye. They are, however, also the future workforce and will […]

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How HR software can help streamline employee exits

When an employee leaves, it’s almost always the case that HR are expected to pick up most of the administration tasks. Contractual terms need to be checked, remaining PTO entitlement calculated, company assets reclaimed, exit interviews organized, colleagues and customers informed, P45s issued and replacements found, alongside a host of other important, but time-consuming activities. Cezanne HR […]

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How to deal with coasters in your team

Man lying on the grass on tablet

We all know that person who’s a ‘coaster’. They’re the people who are only doing just enough to get by: who lack enthusiasm, who are unwilling to change their routine, who push their lunch ‘hour’ as far as it will go and spend their day ‘riding it out’ till the clock strikes five. These kind of […]

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How to become a learning organization

Things I have learned so far this week: How to upload photographs to a new content management system, some interesting facts about how social media is affecting recruitment, that switching off my email alerts makes me 100% more productive… and it’s only Wednesday. This isn’t just about me showing off my new-found knowledge. There’s a […]

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Getting Employee Recognition Right

A business I visit regularly has a fantastic receptionist. Always ready with a smile, remembers everyone’s name and is willing to go the extra mile to sort out any issue. I was delighted recently to hear that she had been nominated for an award for outstanding customer service and was going to have her achievements […]

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Five Steps to Better Performance

Good news for HR this week with research from the UK: Investors in People found that positive people practices had a significant impact on the bottom line. The ‘Impact of Investing in People’ study found that changes to the way people are managed could make a huge difference to productivity and performance, resulting in a potential […]

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How to Get New Recruits Up to Speed… Fast!

In a buzzing employment market, and at a time when skills shortages are becoming a real issue, employers need to make sure they are holding on to their best talent. But research suggests that many businesses are finding hanging onto their Generation Y workers, for any substantial length of time, a real challenge. A recent study […]

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