Do we still need performance reviews?

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The end of the performance review has been the topic of much debate over recent months. An increasing number of organizations are shifting away from annual appraisals in favor of on-going, just-in-time feedback. Recent PwC research shows one in 20 organizations are planning to abandon formal performance evaluations altogether. A recent article in the Harvard […]

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Getting HR right for right now

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What are the right things for HR to be doing right now? This is the question posed in a recent article by leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder, who asked some of the world’s most admired companies what was top of their HR agenda. The piece provides some fascinating insights into how organizations such as Nestle, Goldman […]

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8 tips to re-energize a team that’s lost its mojo

Your team is the best. Renowned for being a happy, high-performing ship, but lately you’ve noticed your people just don’t seem as motivated as usual. There’s nothing major you can put your finger on, just a feeling that people have become a bit disengaged with their work. The last few team meetings have been a bit flat and […]

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How to deal with coasters in your team

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We all know that person who’s a ‘coaster’. They’re the people who are only doing just enough to get by: who lack enthusiasm, who are unwilling to change their routine, who push their lunch ‘hour’ as far as it will go and spend their day ‘riding it out’ till the clock strikes five. These kind of […]

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How to Handle a Difficult Appraisal

In an ideal world, everyone’s appraisal would be positive. It’s a great opportunity to highlight successes, make people feel good about what they’ve achieved and spur them on to even greater performance. The reality, however, is that sometimes people’s performance is simply not up to standard. They may be making costly mistakes, failing to respond appropriately […]

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Five Steps to Better Performance

Good news for HR this week with research from the UK: Investors in People found that positive people practices had a significant impact on the bottom line. The ‘Impact of Investing in People’ study found that changes to the way people are managed could make a huge difference to productivity and performance, resulting in a potential […]

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Dealing with Difficult Conversations – What’s Your Type?

When it comes to difficult situations at work, I’m the ‘peacekeeper’ – the one who tries to smooth ruffled feathers and keep everyone happy. I know this because I’ve taken the CMI’s conversational styles quiz, designed to help people understand their natural approach to challenging discussions and learn strategies to improve the way they approach […]

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