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Is stress an issue in your workplace? If so, please read on…

Research released by Mind this week has found that work is the most stressful factor in people’s lives. No surprises there, perhaps, in an uncertain economic climate. What was interesting to me is that it’s actually frustration with poor management that is the top cause of work-related stress. Excessive workload came in as the second most stressful […]

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Five ways to support employees under pressure

Man facing two different paths

In last week’s blog we looked at how people can improve their ability to cope under pressure by developing their personal resilience. But of course it’s not just about what individuals can do personally to set themselves up for success in times of stress or adversity – the support provided by the business is critical […]

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If Father Christmas had an HR department…

It’s getting to that time of year again where every HR blogger talks about how to deal with Christmas Parties and what to do when Dave from Sales pinches Sally the receptionist’s bum. But this year is the first year I’ve had to actually discuss Father Christmas with my daughter, and I blame the nursery […]

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HR Under Pressure

I can’t help feeling it’s apt that I should be blogging about stress on a day when the computer’s been condemned by the repair man and I’ve just had to climb into a communal bin to retrieve the keys my mother managed to throw in along with her rubbish.

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Nothing Like a Good Laugh…

Recent research has proved that laughter really is the best medicine. According to a University of Oxford study, people actually feel less pain after a good laugh, because it causes the body to release endorphins that act as natural painkillers. 

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