Do we still need performance reviews?

Conversation between 2 people over coffee

The end of the performance review has been the topic of much debate over recent months. An increasing number of organizations are shifting away from annual appraisals in favor of on-going, just-in-time feedback. Recent PwC research shows one in 20 organizations are planning to abandon formal performance evaluations altogether. A recent article in the Harvard […]

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5 liberating ideas for HR

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Let’s be honest. How are you feeling about going into work today? Are you excited at the prospect of new challenges and the chance to work with colleagues on creative solutions to business problems? Or, are you worn out from constant ‘fire-fighting’, endless admin, and a stream of difficult people-related issues to deal with? HR […]

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Getting HR right for right now

Woman wearing smart clothes holding a folder

What are the right things for HR to be doing right now? This is the question posed in a recent article by leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder, who asked some of the world’s most admired companies what was top of their HR agenda. The piece provides some fascinating insights into how organizations such as Nestle, Goldman […]

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Ten tips for overcoming resistance to change

Judges holding up scores

It’s true that change is a fact of business life – but it’s also true that most people don’t like it. Whether it’s a major company restructure or simply a request they move to a new desk, we all like the comfort of doing the jobs we know. We like to use the systems and processes […]

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Why your wellness program isn’t working

Post-it-notes laid out

Wellness is definitely a hot topic in HR circles at the moment and it’s one of the top talks on the conference circuit, while the professional press is full of articles looking at how organizations are investing in everything from mindfulness training to gym memberships as part of their wellness programs. While all these well-being […]

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How HR software can help streamline employee exits

When an employee leaves, it’s almost always the case that HR are expected to pick up most of the administration tasks. Contractual terms need to be checked, remaining PTO entitlement calculated, company assets reclaimed, exit interviews organized, colleagues and customers informed, P45s issued and replacements found, alongside a host of other important, but time-consuming activities. Cezanne HR […]

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How to become a learning organization

Things I have learned so far this week: How to upload photographs to a new content management system, some interesting facts about how social media is affecting recruitment, that switching off my email alerts makes me 100% more productive… and it’s only Wednesday. This isn’t just about me showing off my new-found knowledge. There’s a […]

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Keeping data in your HR Software safe: Why roles matter

Illustration of three people

The cyber security initiative just launched by the CIPD in the UK is a timely reminder that HR has a particularly tricky security challenge. On one hand, you have a legal responsibility to make sure that confidential employee information is kept safe. On the other, your business would certainly grind to a halt if you don’t […]

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Five ways HR people can build personal resilience

Rocket illustration

Working in HR can be a tough call. In a typical day you could be mediating between warring colleagues, trying to overcome resistance to new policies or processes, battling for board approval for your latest project, or even being the bearer of bad news. As anyone who works in HR will tell you, you need […]

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