Self-Service: How to prepare for employee roll-out

Mobile showing self-service in the Cezanne HR mobile app

There is a huge percentage of adults who are already using self-service functionality in their regular life: online shopping, social media, ordering dinner, booking flights, etc. So, why not bring these same concepts into their work life? Self-service can be valuable for everyone in the organisation. It allows HR to focus on more than just […]

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It’s time to break up with your HR spreadsheets

HR spreadsheets guide front cover

We get it, you’re busy! But wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your valuable time helping to create a better business, rather than being stuck doing repetitive administrative tasks? There are hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t be managing your workforce with spreadsheets, here are five: Spreadsheets are accident prone According to research […]

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Why you need to know who hosts your HR software

Whether it’s shopping online, assessing the damage to your bank balance or updating your personal information in Cezanne OnDemand, you’ll find more often than not the host of that service invisible to you. Naturally, you’re not going to lose sleep pondering the infrastructure of the service delivered, as long as it does the job that’s […]

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