Woman bending over backwards

How to be an HR superstar

Wouldn’t it be lovely if people generally regarded HR as the ‘superstars’ of the business? Sadly, that’s often not the case, with the profession receiving a serious amount of (often unfair) flak for lacking business nous and taking a reactive […]

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To holiday… or not to holiday?

If the latest research from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is to be believed, we are a nation of workaholics. Its recent study showed that two in five managers did not take their full annual leave allowance in […]

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A simmer

How to be successful in HR

More less than positive press for poor old HR people over the last couple of weeks. It seems however hard it tries, the profession’s image problem just won’t go away. First up was research released by the CIPD, which suggested […]

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